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Level II

The School of Ayurveda: Level II (700 Hr.)

Professional Training & Certification Program

The School of Ayurveda Level II is a 1 Year program that is covered in two parts:

Level II Clinical Studies

300 Hr. Training & Study Program

The Level II Clinical Studies is a 5 Month Training Program that picks up where Level I ends and explores deeper academic theory, preparing students to work with clients in a professional setting. Completing this program allows for continuation to The Level II Advancement Training & Certification Program.

Level II Advancement

400 Hr. Training & Certification

The Level II Advancement Training & Certification Program is a 6 Month Program that focuses on advanced study, includes a 7-Day in person training, and provides clinical study and mentorship. The completion of the Level II Advancement program results in an Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification.



11 Month Program

12 Monthly Payments of $595

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Kathryn at An Elemental Practice.

Level II Clinical Studies (300 Hr.)

Professional Training Program

Level II Clinical Studies builds on the fundamentals covered in Level I and explores more advanced Ayurvedic concepts, theories and academic studies, in greater depth. This program is the primary educational component of the professional Ayurvedic Counselor training and is the precursor to the Level II Advancement Training & Certification Program.

Part I


5 Month Program

Advanced Studies

Ayurvedic Counselor Training

The Level II Clinical Studies Program provides deep exploration and study of both fundamental practices and advanced Ayurvedic theory, to prepare students for a career in Ayurveda and to practice in a professional or clinical settings.

300 Hours

Professional Training Program

This program is 300 Hours of Study & Training, and takes place in a 5 Month period of time. The 300 Hr. Level II Clinical Studies Program accounts for the 1st Semester of the Full (1 Year) 700 Hr. Level II Training & Certification Program.

100% Online

Online Classes, Study & Homework

The Level II Clinical Studies Program is taught in a live online classroom. All of the teaching, homework, study groups, and examinations will be administered remotely via online video conferencing and our online training platform.

Program Overview

The Level II Clinical Studies program builds on the individual learning and core concepts covered in Level I and is further education exploring advanced theories, internal medicine, and clinical Ayurvedic studies.

This program is the first, of two parts, in the one-year Level II Training & Certification Program and will further your Ayurvedic education, expand your clinical skill set, and provide you with a platform for a professional career path as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

In this 300-hour course, we will cover advanced theories and principles of Ayurveda, methods of diagnosis, disease pathology, internal medicine, clinical assessment and consultation, advanced treatment plans, herbal formulas, and supporting studies.

The goal of this program is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and advanced skill set required to create and maintain a professional Ayurvedic Clinic and provide the best possible support and care to your clients.

Graduates of Level II will be eligible to apply to be board-certified Holistic Health Practitioners through the AADP.


Feb. 2nd - June. 29th, 2022


The requirement for participation in the Level II Clinical Studies Program is successful completion of The School of Ayurveda Level I Program or comparable training. An additional prerequisite upon Level II entry is the successful completion of a college Anatomy & Physiology course.

Who is this for?

This program is for students who have completed the Level I Training & Certification program and wish to focus on a career path in Ayurveda and pursue training and certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

An Elemental Practice. Ayurveda Clinic

Level II Advancement (400 Hr.)

Professional Training & Certification

The Level II Advancement program is an in-depth training and certification program that reinforces the clinical focus of Ayurvedic practice, combining classroom learning and supervised time in the clinic. Successful completion of Level II Advancement qualifies and certifies you as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Part II


6 Month Program

Level II Advancement

Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification

Upon completion of this Level II Advancement Program graduating students are qualified as Ayurvedic Health Counselors and certified for professional Ayurvedic practice.

400 Hours

Professional Training Program

This Online and In-Person Professional Training Program totals 400 Hours of Ayurvedic study and practicum (completing the 700 Hours of Level II), and takes place in a 6 Month period of time.

Online + 7 Days In-Person

Online Classes & In Person Training

The Level II Advancement Program takes place online and in person, and provides students with access to professional mentorship and guidance as well as hands on training during their studies.

Program Overview

The Level II Advancement Training & Certification Program provides graduate students of the Level II Clinical Studies Program with further study, clinical mentorship, and in person training to complete the full 700 Hr. Level II Training & Certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

In this 400-hour program, we will focus on further exploration of advanced Ayurvedic concepts, disease pathology, study of root causes and deep tissue disease, disease management, written herbal formulas, and more.

The Level II Advancement program also features a guided clinical practicum, during which you will begin to see clients under supervised professional mentorship from your teachers.

This portion of the Level II Training & Certification Program will require students to attend a 7 Day In Person training and workshop, that will take place during the month of July in the Midwest of the United States.

The objective of this course is to provide a deeper level of education and experience to complete the Level II Training & Education required for certification to practice as a professional Ayurvedic Health Counselor in a clinical setting.

7 Day In-Person Training

The Level II Advancement Training & Certification Program includes a 7 Day In-Person Ayurvedic training that facilitates and gives students hands on experience and guidance for working with clients in the clinical field.

The 7 Day In-Person training will cover diagnostic tools such as tongue examination, pulse reading, abdominal assessment, as well as Ayurvedic vitals and more. During this training we will also review client intake, physical, functional and structural assessment, and consultation methodologies.

The cost of the 7 Day In-Person Training is included in the price of the Level II Advancement Program. Students are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and food.

This 7 Day In-Person Training is required for graduation of the Level II Training Program and for certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.


July. 19th - Dec. 22nd, 2022


The primary requirement for participation in the Level II Advancement Training & Certification Program is successful completion of the Level II Clinical Studies Program.


The Level II Advancement Program certifies graduates as Ayurvedic Health Counselor and provides adequate training and qualification to practice Ayurvedic Counseling at a professional and clinical level.

Scope of Practice

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor you will be qualified to practice Ayurveda in a clinical setting providing assessment, consultation, herbal recommedation and in-depth treatment plans to clients.


This Professional Training will be taught by Kathryn L. Stoerzbach, Carol Prentice, & Neeshee Pandit as well as additional Specialty Teachers covering individual subjects.

Kathryn L. Stoerzbach

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, & Founder
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Carol Prentice

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist & Advisor
Learn More

Mary-Alice Quinn

Ayurvedic Doctor & Clinical Herbalist
Learn More

Neeshee Pandit

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Vedic Astrologist
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Specialty Teachers

Specialty Teachers will teach small blocks of content during the course of the Level II Training Program, with the intention of supplementing your Ayurvedic education.

Jeff Perlman

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist & AHG Registered Herbalist
Learn More

Judea Star

Psychic Intuitive & Sound Healer
Learn More

Patty Davis

Psychic Intuitive
Learn More

Ragaia Belovarac

Clinical Ayuvedic Specialist & Pancha Karma Specialist
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Training & Certification Program

Level II is an in-depth program that reinforces the clinical focus of Ayurvedic practice, combining classroom learning and supervised time in the clinic. Successful completion of Level II qualifies you as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.