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Patty Davis

Psychic Intuitive

I inherited my psychic abilities from my father and began connecting with the supernatural at a young age.

I have great respect for my fathers intuitive abilities but felt it a shame that he did not trust in it more or use it to help others.  

Being a Clairvoyant and Medium and also very empathic myself,  it became crucial to my well-being that I learn to control and respect these gifts. I was fortunate enough to manifest a wonderful teacher that taught and guided me for over eleven years.

Once I was able to trust and secure a clear connection with my spirit guides, I began to work directly with spirit and that is where I receive my guidance today.

I am happy to share my gift with others and work as a conduit through which spirit can connect with my clients. I have lived the majority of my life in California where I have had many, many jobs and am happy to say that I have finally found my true calling and am walking in my truth.

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