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Ayurvedic health counselor

Ayurveda Training & Certification Program

12 Month Professional Training & Certification

The School of Ayurveda Training & Certification program is an 12-Month training program that has both online learning and in-person clinical studies. This program is the primary educational component of the professional study of Ayurvedic Medicine and is the precursor to launching a health practice provides support and guidance through counseling of Ayurvedic lifestyle, nutrition, therapies, and herbal medicines.

Students who complete the 3-part program will be certified as Ayurvedic Health Counselors.

Program Details

- 12 Month Program
- Self Paced Online Study
- Live Group Classes
- 4 Day On-Site Clinical Training
- Student Practicum & Mentorship
- 600 HRS Program


- Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification
- Fully Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Program Overview

The goal of the program is to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to practice Ayurveda and provide yourself and your community with practical, actionable ways on how to improve their health.

If you are new to Ayurveda, it will be a time to immerse yourself in its language and philosophies.

Our program also reinforces the career focus of Ayurveda, combining online self-paced study, group classes, and supervised time in the field.

The 12 Month Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program is completed in 3 Parts:

Part I : Foundational Studies

(Online Self-Paced Study & Group Classes)

Part II: 4-Day Intensive

(In-Person Training)

Part III: Student Practicum & Guided Mentorship

(10 Personalized Online Sessions + 30 Completed Client Visits)

AHC Curriculum Modules of Study:

Module 1: Intro to the Ancient Science of Ayurveda

Module 2: Dinacharya | A Daily Practice

Module 3: The Building Blocks of Ayurveda

Module 4: Anatomy & Physiology (Part I)

Module 5: Anatomy & Physiology (Part II)

Module 6: Disease Pathology & Process

Module 7: Subtle Energies

Module 8: Ayurvedic Assessment & Examination

Module 9: Ayurvedic Nutrition, Herbology, & Additional Therapies

Bonus Lectures Include:

(1) Intro to Sanskrit

(2) Vedic Astrology

(3) Differential Diagnosis

(4) Consultation Videos

(5) Breathwork / Meditation

(6) Strength Training

(7) Tibetan Tapping

Successful completion of this entire 12 Month Ayurvedic Training & Certification Program certifies individuals as Ayurvedic Health Counselors.

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Who is this for?

If you are inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda, this 12 Month Program provides you with the foundational and in-depth knowledge you need to form the basis of your journey.

Our students are healthcare professionals, holistic therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, estheticians, dietitians, nutritionists, and energy workers, and anyone who desires to pursue a career path in practicing Ayurveda.

Program Segments

Part I: Online Self-Paced Study

Foundational Studies

The Foundational Studies component provides a well-rounded overview of Ayurveda's foundational principles and philosophies, anatomy and physiology, disease pathology, examination, and therapies from both a theoretical and practical standpoint.

The Foundational Studies include:

✓ Online Self Paced Study Program
✓ Bi-Monthly Group Classes, Q+A, & Discussions
✓ Guest Speakers & Lectures
✓ Access to Online Community & Group Support
✓ Additional Training & Advanced Lessons Provided
✓ Free Access to The Spirit & Seasons of Ayurveda (Pre-Recorded Courses)

Part II: In-PErson Training

4-Day Intensive

The Training & Certification Program includes a 4-Day In-Person Ayurvedic training that facilitates and gives students hands-on experience and guidance for working with clients. The In-Person Intensive program provide students with hands-on study as well as learning specific skills for their practicum. This training takes place on-site in Illinois.

The 4-Day In Person Intensive Includes:

✓ Hosted on 22-Acre Property in Knoxville, IL
✓ Small Group Classes & Instruction
✓ Hands on Ayurvedic Study & Practice
✓ Culinary Concepts
✓ Herbal Study & Remedies
✓ Consultation Practice
✓ Assessment Skills

Please Note: Students are responsible for all additional expenses including travel, lodging, and food during the 4-Day Intensive. On-site lodging is available to 8 students for an additional fee. All other students may lodge in Galesburg, Illinois.

Part III: Guided Student Practicum

Practicum & Mentorship

The final portion of the program involves students actively participating in a practicum. Part III is required for certification. Students are supported to complete 30 client visits and are guided in a one-on-one mentorship with their supervisor to gain greater experience and knowledge of supporting clients in the real-world.

The Guided Student Practicum & Mentorship features:

✓ 1-on-1 Sessions with your Mentor
✓ 30 Client Visits Required
✓ Instruction & Assistance working with clients
✓ Review of knowledge and skills
✓ Assistance with Assessments and Consultations
✓ Guided Practice of Ayurveda

Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 client visits along with 10 supported Mentorship Sessions in order to graduate the 12-month program with an Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification.

Additional sessions can be purchased if you wish to continue your mentorship and study.

Program Highlights

Self-Paced Online Study

Foundations of Ayurveda

Our Foundations of Ayurveda program is designed to taken at your own pace, and includes online learning through pre-recorded video lessons, books, assignments and testing.

Small Group Classes

Group Classes, Lectures, & Q+A

Our Online Self Study program is supplemented with required bi-monthly live Group Classes, Lectures, and Q+A sessions to broaden the depth of your learning.

Practicum & Mentorship

1-on-1 Support & Guidance

Our program is completed with a guided student Practicum & Mentorship, where you will be given individualized 1-on-1 support and mentorship as you begin to work with clients in the real world.
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Students will experience a diverse education from knowledgable and expert practitioners who will assist in teaching during the 12 Month Program.

Kathryn L. Stoerzbach

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, & Founder
Learn More

Mary-Alice Quinn

Ayurvedic Doctor & Clinical Herbalist
Learn More

Leah Kaplan

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
Learn More

Neeshee Pandit

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Vedic Astrologist
Learn More

Seva Van Why

Holistic Educator & Ayurvedic Body Therapy Instructor
Learn More

Rachael Schmoker

Ayurvedic Health Educator & Yoga Therapist
Learn More

Carol Prentice

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist & Advisor
Learn More

Judea Star

Psychic Intuitive & Sound Healer
Learn More

Additional Resources

Community Forum

Privately Hosted

We will provide access to you along with all of our other students to a privately hosted Community Forum where any topic related to Ayurveda and holistic health can be discussed, and students can interact with each other and the teachers outside of the classroom.

Student Study Groups

Collaborative Communication

Students will have a weekly study group. This study group will provide a 2-hour window for students to study together, review material, discuss homework and curriculum topics, and create a connection outside of the classroom.

Personal Q+A

1-on-1 Support

Obtaining one-on-one guidance, students will expand their knowledge and skillset with direct support from their Mentor who is proficient in the field and can guide the student through client challenges and roadblocks while supporting the student to the best of their abilities.
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Student Testimonials

The summer intensive is where it all came together for me. I enjoyed getting to know my cohort and meeting our instructors, Kathryn & Neeshee. The week brought on a sense of confidence and reassurance that I am on the right path!

Autumn Klesch

The School of Ayurveda has been an expansive certification program. I believe is one of those programs that change your life for the better. the staff is very understanding and flexible with allowing you to study and absorb the information at your own pace. Both Kathryn and Rachael are super knowledgeable, loving and caring. I recommend anyone that will like to deepen their knowledge on Ayurveda to take this certification.

- Veronica Cruz, Florida

The School of Ayurveda takes the vastness this ancient holistic science and simplifies it into language so easy to digest it feels like opening one’s eyes to reality. Head Instructor and school founder Kathryn Stoerzbach distills esoteric concepts to elementary foundations of elements, tastes, and senses. Throughout the program I saw expansion into the broad language of Ayurveda, followed by a condensation into foundational language. It has made it so I feel confident in my professional massage practice to incorporate Ayurvedic language to my clients, bringing their oftentimes confusing pathologies to easily understood elemental principles. The School of Ayurveda’s Level 1 program is a wonderfully intimate setting with a compassionate, humorous, wise and beautifully human teacher who gently guides the student to proficiency. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to broaden their understanding of the world through a holistic and ancient lens.

Nathalie Aguirre
L.M.T.; Certified Ayurvedic Health Coach

Attending the School of Ayurveda is the best thing I could have done. Not only is the program full of information but the instructors come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They take something that is complex and make it easy to understand. Best of all they make Ayurveda come to life and have meaning so that it becomes that much easier to integrate the practices into everyday life for myself and my clients.

- Pam Collins, Colorado

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Study Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Health Counselor
12 Month Program

Ayurveda Training & Certification Program

The School of Ayurveda Training & Certification program is a 12 Month training program that has both online learning and in-person studies. The program is a 600 Hr. training and certification program that is covered in 3 Parts and certifies graduates as Ayurvedic Health Counselors.



12 Month Program

12 Monthly Payments of $295/mo
- or -
One Time Payment of $3,540

*Covers Part I of 12 Month Program (Self Paced Study & Live Group Classes
4-Day Intensive ($1,650) & Student Practicum ($850) billed separately
Students are responsible for travel, food and accommodation during 4-Day Intensive
Completion of all 3 Parts are required in order to graduate with AHC Certification

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